Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, if you are going to be a regular here, I will do my best to make it rewarding, by sharing all I can on the areas that I think I have some knowledge of. Which would be Consumer Finance, Media and everything else I follow as a hobby.
The name denotes an ambition, to ensure customer service standards in India rise to a level where we can feel nice about being customers! As the rants, and hopefully some raves too, in the ensuing days will demonstrate, we still have some way to go there.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

When Jet Airways missed it all

Jet's recent travails on its Air Sahara takeover only remind me of their earlier misses. Seems to be a classic case of being used to getting things done their own way, by ways that were certainly not transparent.

How they imagines the slots issue will not hold up things is umimaginable. Or even worse, they probably got into the deal precisely for those 'assets', hoping to milk the monopoly it would have given them at Delhi and Mumbai. But guess what, this might make them finally wake up and smell the coffee!

While you have to admit, once at the airport, they were better than everyone by a huge margin. But all that seems to be under strain now. Like the fact that their online ticketing, or booking process came in later than most, and sucked, when it came to the most important aspect. Value buying.

Similarly, woe betide you if you need to cancel a ticket booked online. besides the frightful charge, you also need to go to their office to do it. Even Indian Railways does better, making transfers back online now.