Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Killing us softly

Asha Bhonsle, that amazingly versatile singer finally signalled the beginning of the end when she sang "One two cha cha cha" in her uniquely prim maharashtrian accent, effectively murdering the spirit behind the song. Till that time, I was a fan, as I still am, though now I just wish she would just take a break.

Why is it that singers, the moment they cross the point of zero criticism, do such silly things?
Himesh Reshammiya , after repeatedly frustrating critics with his seemingly endless hits, might have hit the 'Bhonsle moment' of fallibility. I refer of course, to the lead song of the movie, shaka laka boom boom. Sung in by Mr Reshammiya, you can't help wondering if the man's singing or giving an energetic demonstration of an effective gargle.

It's a strange feeling listening to words like these come out of a mouth, where I suspect the disconnect happens simply because of this vague sense that the singer doesn't really understand what he is singing. Hence, Asha Bhonsle's rendition of cha cha cha as something approaching a nursery rhyme, and now, Himesh doing his mouth wash version on the words shaka laka laka boom boom.

Someone tell them, please.


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No issues on the IAMAI advertisement numbers. I was not at IAMAI when these numbers were out [easy way to absolve myself]On the paramedic issue, I intend to take it up seriously.