Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The perfect fanatic?

Someone seems to have pressed the fast forward button in my life suddenly. That brings with it it's own travails, not least of which is a heart attack panic every time I feel a 'shooting' pain in the chest area. And I anxiously google heart attack symptons, and proceed to wait for the pain to spread to my left arm.

When that doesn't happen, it's back to waiting for an almighty burrp, so the next greasy meal can be had at peace. And of course in my office, greasy meals seem all too frequent nowadays.Maybe that is the preferred route to get rid of management.

Which brings me back to the slippery pace of life. It has become so fast that I have finally, really, really started liking the relative peace and unhurried feel of religious places, be it the weekly temple visit, or more recently, visits to the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, a place I originally visited to check out the amazing fishes in their resident pond.

But this new found peace in religious places is scary. For, if I like being there, wouldn't the next step be to start liking the priests? And then, a desire to do stuff that would please them? Like conduct regular havans, and sundry other rituals that will bring the peace back home. I really wonder at times, is that how religion hits us late? The sheer unconditional nature of it, be it any religion, can be truly attractive. Followed by the gradual loyalty to it's 'limited' demands, and ending with the zeal of the fanatic? I can think of a lot of ways this could be plausible, especially in a world where everything comes with strings attached, or with expectations of a return. Especially for the poor, who, alas, seem all too eager to die for religion nowadays.
But do I want it? Thank god for Yash, who wouldn't even let me write this if he wasn't watching TV. Which is practically god to him... Making him a fanatic of Lord TV? Hmmm, must think this over.

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